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ICT Trainer

Job Description

  • Provide direct and online training to teachers and educators subjects related to teaching technology and apply technology in teaching 

  • Works with other specialists and to design training for k-12 teachers in the ICT content related to Google Workspace for Educaion and Cloud computing. 

  • Training teacher use of LMS technology available to support instruction; 

  • Prepares lesson plans, training materials and tutorials for training programs; 

  • Facilitates implementation of district wide technology projects; 

  • Serves as a model by demonstrating lessons in the library resource center or classroom when appropriate; 

  • Develops on-line learning opportunities and professional development activities for teachers in edtech community 

  • Completes other duties as assigned. 


  • University graduate and above

  • Pedagogical major is preferred and have experience in teacher training

  • Self-study ability

  • Working independently

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