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Digital Transformation


What is Digital Transformation in Education?

Digital transformation in the education sector means based on the purposes and organizational structure of the educational institution, the decision makers decide how to apply technology into three main areas of activities: classroom , teaching methods, and management.

The Urgency of Digital Transformation for the Education Industry

The quality of human resources in Vietnam is incomparable to those in other surrounding countries or global workforce, especially job skills and digital skills. Particularly, Vietnam ranks 97/141 in terms of digital skills, 116/141 in skills of new graduates, 102/141 in vocational training quality.


AI Education's digital transformation program follows the National Digital Transformation Program guidance, focusing on developing a platform to support teaching and learning remotely, thoroughly applying digital technology in management, teaching and learning; digital skills training for IT teachers and students; digitizing documents and textbooks; building a platform to share teaching and learning resources in both face-to-face and online forms.

Vision and Mission of the program

Our Primary Solutions

To achieve these set goals, AI Education has been focusing on three main solutions, which include: equipping Chromebook system, upskilling for teachers, and deploying FutureSkills training program for students based on blended-learning model.



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